Are You Looking For Love in the Wrong Places?

Most single people in the world are out there looking for love but never seem to meet ‘the one’.

The reason could be that you are simply looking in the wrong places.

You probably feel like you’re doing everything right, you’re open to dating and yet nothing good is coming your way. You’re going out with friends regularly in the hope of being asked on a date but it isn’t happening. Here are some signs that you are looking for love in all the wrong places:

You’re not planning things in advance

Dating experts reveal that not having well thought out plans when going out with friend’s means that a person isn’t really trying to meet someone new. Most people want to meet their significant others naturally, like in the movies.

In reality, meeting someone isn’t that easy. You need to put in thought to where you are going, the clothes you’re wearing, and the people you are going out with. Dating experts also suggest reflecting on the activity planned. If you’re out clubbing, you’ll most likely catch the eye of someone looking for a fling. If you’re looking for something serious, go to a bar or even a bingo night!

Being part of one-off events

Festivals, vacations, weddings, and charity events are great places to find someone interesting to make conversation with but it’s not ideal. One-off events like these decrease your chances of seeing the person again. You need more time to get to know someone.

Instead, opt for a dance class, marathon training, or yoga class. You’ll meet people more regularly and form a better understanding with the person you feel a connection with.

Expecting immediate results

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Many people expect to be asked out on dates the moment they begin putting effort. Truth be told, it takes time for other to notice the efforts you are putting in. Sometime you’re not putting in enough effort for people to notice and therefore, nothing’s moving forward.

Get into the habit of being more open to propositions wherever you go. Make an effort to look nice whenever you go outside. Be polite with everyone around and be willing to engage in conversations.

If you’re a woman and afraid to make the first move, there are some genius ways to initiate conversation with someone you find attractive.

When in a coffee shop, ask the guy you find attractive to hold your jacket saying, “Hey can you please help me out? Could you hold my jacket so I can give these coffees to my friends?” this is the perfect way to make him feel like he has helped you out.

Other great conversation starters are, “I’m new around here, what’s a good place to visit?” When at a restaurant or bar, you can say, “What’s good around here?” These are very smooth conversation starters that makes you seem confident without being out there.

For those looking to be more forward, compliment their style. Tell them you like their shirt or their perfume. What this tells them is that you like their taste.

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