New Year’s Resolutions to Find Love This Year

A new year, a new you! If you’ve had a history of dating some dodgy people who have never treated you right, you could be feeling down about the whole dating game. Often, people who have had their hearts broken or have been in toxic relationships begin to believe that love will never be a part of their lives and they stop trying. Well, it’s time to start off the New Year on the right foot. Make your New Year’s resolution all about finding love. Here are some resolutions that will help you find the partner for you:

Be you!

Most people tend to put on a persona to make the best first impression— it doesn’t work that way! Be yourself at every date you go on. You have a unique story which you should share with your date.

Often when you put on a persona, people can tell, and let’s face it, no one likes fake people. Be yourself, because you are enough!

Talk about your interests and ask your date about theirs. You’ll surely end up in a long-lasting relationship when you are true to someone and they are attracted to the real you.

Commit to being available

Being available doesn’t mean you agree to dinner and coffee dates with whoever comes your way. Put yourself in situations where other single people are comfortable approaching you and get to know you. If your routine is to wake up, work, and come home to watch TV, it’s highly unlikely that you will meet anyone at all!

Sign up with clubs, groups, dance classes, etc. you’ll be adding a new activity to your routine and increase your interaction with potential dates. Sign up for online dating and give it a go. Specific websites for serious relationships have a high success rate in helping people find their true love.

Occasionally visit the bar near your workplace. It’s a great way to unwind and you could catch the eye of your special someone there too!

Ditch the checklist

Ditch the checklist

Most people have a preconceived notion of characteristics and features they want in a partner. Truth be told, you’ll never find someone who ticks off every single box on the checklist. We’re talking about a person here, no one will be perfect and neither are you. Learn to be more flexible with your type “on paper”.

If you keep thinking of your imaginary partner as a tall dark and handsome lad, you’re most likely filtering out some pretty great guys. Be more open to the people who approach you—give a chance to someone different.

Don’t fear rejection

If you find someone attractive or if you’re feeling a connection with someone you already know, ask them out! Most people tend to let feelings develop without knowing the feelings of the other. Men are generally expected to make the first move and therefore, many ladies never try their luck with a guy. Let someone know that you’re interested before you develop all these feelings.

The fear of rejection is daunting the first time you approach someone, but it’s nothing to be afraid of. You respect the other’s wishes and move on. Like a wise person once said, “There are many fish in the sea.”

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