Read Between The Lines – Tips On Understanding What He Really Wants

Finding “the one” isn’t easy. Those who have been on and off in the dating scene will tell you how difficult it is to find someone compatible. Often couples end up going on a few dates and calling it off later because they don’t share similar values. This process can be frustrating as many feel they are wasting time trying to get to know the wrong person. Experts on our site realize this conundrum faced by “available” individuals. We’ve drawn up a list of things to do to subtly understand what your date really wants.

Talk family

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When you’re in the dating phase of a relationship, you want to steer clear of any emotional baggage. It’s supposed to be a fun time for the two of you where you want to get to know each other. To keep it fresh you must learn the art of getting information from your date without really asking them.

If you’re a family oriented person and want to know that about him/her, begin there. Tell your date some stories about your family and judge their reactions. You will instantly be able to tell if he is a family guy or not.

If the concept of family is alien to your date, it’s going to be a problem.

Talk Kids

couple with dogWomen who are looking to start a family often tend to put this out there early on in the date. Such news can be intimidating for a date to hear. Often they get put off by such demands because it can make them feel like she really isn’t interested in them.

One must ease their way into such a situation. Remember to keep all topics of your conversation light. If you’re trying to find out if your date likes kids, begin with any nieces and nephews you have. If he too likes kids, chances are, he will start talking about his nieces and nephews as well. In such moments, guys usually say they love kids or if they don’t. Knowing such information early on will save both of you guys’ time.

Talk Careers

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Love and dating are all fun but a career and following your passion are equally important too. Like Trailer Limon sang, “Love don’t pay the bills”. Ask your date what they are passionate about and what they are doing to achieve it. If you are looking to settle down, you need to understand the long-term goal your partner has.

It would be wrong of you to assume that your paths will marry up later in life. For example, if the guy you’re with is into music and travels place to place to make it big, he probably isn’t looking to settle down. Likewise, you also get an idea of what their finances look like, are they still renting and living hand to mouth? Surely everyone goes through such financial constraints in life but you need to work yourself out of it. If you are considerably well off or stable than him, down the line it will be a problem.

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