Relationship Goals For 2019

As you change the calendar on your desk, so should you your outlook on love and life.

Every person—single or committed—should turn over a new leaf with changing times to exude more positive energy in the world. There’s nothing stronger than instant karma: what you give is what you get.

The more healthy, happy and confident you feel yourself, the more potential partners will view you as such. This rule applies not just to the real world but also online platforms which offer exclusive opportunities for you to find the love of your life.

This is why you need to set productive relationship goals for yourself this year!

Talk More; Listen Even More

Communication is the backbone of any relationship—and even more so with romantic ones. You wonder why?

Because a partner is not someone you’re born with or have grown up seeing. Unlike your parents, siblings, or even childhood friends (in some cases), you meet your S.O. much later in life. By the time you meet, there’s a lot of years left behind to make up for, a large part of their personality to get intimate with, and simply a lot more to know.

Most relationships fail due to lack of communication. Real, meaningful conversations are not defined by the number of hours you spend on call or together in a living space. It depends on the number of times you paid heed to what your partner was saying.

This is why it’s crucial to make conversations with your S.O. on a regular basis so that they don’t fall out of the loop. But it’s even more important to listen to what they’re saying and respond accordingly. The feeling of being actually heard is a great blessing to have!

Lower Expectations

This sounds like a clichéd love tip from an old ‘how to…’ manual. But trust us; there’s nothing more disheartening than falling short of someone’s expectations. Once you fall into the loop of constantly trying to prove your worth you actually forget to work on yourself and make yourself worthy enough. That’s where the catch lies!

Instead of trying to prove a failing argument, it’s better to construct your personality in a better way. Same goes the other way round: if you’re expecting too much from your partner, remember to err is human! What you might think as a great flaw maybe just one of the tests your S.O. is failing in comparison to the 10 others they’re passing. Learn to reward them when it’s due; it’ll come around for you too!

Respect Privacy

Relationship Goals

Even though online platforms make this a prerequisite for budding relationships, it’s still easy to lose track of personal boundaries. There’s a fine difference between intimacy and invasion. Of course everything is okay with mutual consent; but it’s healthier to maintain for yourself as well as allow space to your partner. Individuality is a crucial part of your personality and if you lose that uniqueness, chances are your partner will lose interest in you too!

Respecting yours and others’ privacy is absolutely necessary especially when you’re in your initial stages with a relationship. Don’t ask personal questions if your partner is uncomfortable, and definitely not make advances before it’s time!

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