The Perfect Date: The Best Places to Go On a First Date

For most people, the safest and easiest option for a first date is going out for dinner or a drink. But going out for a night of drinking every weekend with someone new can quickly get boring—and just isn’t worth the resultant hangover if the date doesn’t end up going well!

If you’re the type to just go for the easy option every time you have to take someone out on a date, you’re missing out on a number of fun activities that could help you connect with your date on a deeper level!

So, want to make your dating game stronger and have a ton of fun in the process? Here are the best options for a terrific first date:

Bowling Dates

Even if you’re a terrible bowler, taking your date out on a bowling date and letting loose with a fun activity sounds like a great first date to us! Perfect for a casual, no-pressure date, laughing over all the gutter balls you throw and having a friendly competition over beer, pizza and bar snacks is a guaranteed way of scoring a second date. Plus, what better way of showing off that butt you’ve been working so hard on?

Amusement Park Dates


Who said amusement parks are just for kids? Amusement parks are perfect for a day of pure, joyful laughter, as you both bring out your inner child. While reaching the top of the Ferris Wheel together can be super romantic, roller coasters can be the perfect opportunity to get a little closer.

Walks around Town

Take the eating and connecting part of the date up a notch and remove it from the interview-like setting by taking a walk around town or in the local park as you get to know a little more about each other. Not only is this a super casual first date, you’re likely to be seeing things a lot more differently and have more to talk about than in the standard coffee shop date.

Mini Golf

If they’re a newbie to the world of mini golf, this could be the perfect opportunity for some playful, non-sexual banter and touch as you walk them through the sport. Even if they are somewhat experienced in the sport, what better way to connect than over some friendly competition!

Karaoke Nights

You may be no Whitney Houston or John Legend, but belting out those notes and signing duets with your date could help them see your silly side—especially if you can’t hold a tune to save your life! After all, no one likes someone who takes themselves too seriously!

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