3 Tips for Writing a Great First Online Dating Message

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Writing the first message to send to your potential online match is easily the most intimidating aspect of online dating. Will they reply back or will they just ignore you? These questions plague your mind as you stumble through writing your first online dating message.

Writing a great first message is vital to finding your perfect match. It will encompass who you are and let your potential match decide whether they should get involved with you or not. Hence, it is paramount that you write a message that discloses just the right amount of information about you and shows just the right amount of interest towards your potential online match.

Although there might not be a single perfect conversation opener, don’t throw in the towel just yet. Follow these expert tips to write a message that’s just right.

1. Customize Your Message to Your Recipient

Everyone likes to think they are unique in some way or the other. So if you tailor your first message to the person you’re sending it to, you have more chances of getting a response. Highlight details or some other unique thing you observed in your match’s profile. It could be a shared interest or hobby, a favorite movie or book, or any other anecdote.

2. Avoid Too Many Physical Compliments

Complimenting someone solely on their looks may come across as very superficial. Calling someone gorgeous or hot may come off as a cheesy pick-up line and not something very genuine. It is better to compliment common interests and personality rather than looks.

A great first message is that which conveys to the other person that you interested in getting to know who they are rather than what they look like.

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3. Keep it Short and Simple

Your first message should only be a short and simple introduction of yourself, not a 2-page essay on every single detail about your life. You should simply express an interest in your match’s profile and write in a manner that doesn’t come off as too strong.

Don’t fire off a list of questions to your match regarding a whole range of topics. That will simply end up overwhelming them and they’ll just ignore your message. Instead, stick with one or two questions that aren’t prying and will start off your conversation nicely. Remember that people tend to respond to low-pressure questions more.

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