Getting Your Groove Back – How To Get Back Into The Dating Game After Being Single For A Long Time

Whether you were recovering from a broken marriage or the breakup of a long-term relationship, getting back into the dating game can be tough for someone who has been single for a long time.


It can be a real challenge to navigate such a scenario, and you’re bound to come across many an obstacle along the way. However, if you’re ready to find someone new and take a step out into the world of dating, we’ve got some tips to help make the process a whole lot smoother.

Take Your Time

There’s no rush to jump back into a relationship. Yes, you’ve been single for a long time and may be craving the kind of companionship having a boyfriend or girlfriend brings, but you need to allow yourself to take as much time as you need to fully commit to seeing someone else. Moving on from past relationships is different from everyone—while your friend only took a few months to jump back into the dating scene, you may need a little longer to be completely comfortable with that prospect.

Don’t Forget to Focus on Yourself

When we’re with someone, we tend to mold our lives around them. You need to keep firm hold of your individuality, and focus on building up yourself and your self-confidence before seeking out another partner. Even when you do broach the dating scene, don’t lose sight of who you are in the bid to find someone to spend your downtime with!

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Don’t Get Discouraged

Dating is difficult. There will be many bad dates, as well as many great dates that lead nowhere. Try and have fun with the process rather than fixating on all the ways things could go wrong. Meeting new people and stepping out of your comfort zone may just end up teaching you a thing or two!

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