Sexy Sixty: Dating Advice For Older Women

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The world of dating, especially online may be an unchartered territory for people over the age of 60 but it can be just as exciting as dating in your twenties. It all comes down your attitude, willingness and personality.

Betty Davis famously said, ‘getting old is not for sissies.’ We’ll apply that to dating after 60 and let you know that it is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Therefore, we’ve compiled some fantastic tips on dating and embracing your sixties.

Size Doesn’t Matter

In your 60’s, superficial factors that used to be extremely important in bygone years such as looks or wealth cease to matter. After all, age and experience does make you wiser.

Your sixties are not the time to feel self-conscious, that’s what your teenage years were for. So, stop worrying about your appearance because nobody expects you to look 25.

Anybody who turns you down based on your appearance should be shown a mirror and left alone. Next!

Be Patient and Listen

Listening should always be a mutual activity. You’ve been around for decades so naturally you have a treasure-trove of stories to share. However, leaving a date flustered because you were too busy telling them your life story (no matter how fascinating it may be) is unfair and reduces your chances of getting asked out on a second date.

Communication is a two way street so try to have a fun conversation with your date where you both are equally talkative.

The Matter Of Sex

For a lot of older women, dating may be more about developing a connection, bonding and companionship than about sex. However, if you two have natural chemistry and feel the fireworks flying, it’s foolish to delay sex.

Of course, a lot of women may say feel apprehensive about doing the deed with an old fella on the first date, but you must realize that it is perfectly acceptable to do it in this day and age.

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