The Worst Types of Online Daters – Are You One of Them?

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Dating is hard, online or offline. If you’re lucky, you’ll find the person of your dreams; but, you’ll have to go through a lot of the wrong ones first. It can be a jungle out there when it comes to dating; with so many potential matches available, it can get overwhelming sifting through them and finding the ones right for you.

You have to steer clear of the wrong type of people and find your perfect match. But how do you tell what a person’s like from their online dating profile?

Usually there are red flags that will tip you off. Here are the worst types of daters you can find online; read on to make sure you’re not one of them!

The Liar

When it comes to online dating, people have a degree of freedom which makes it possible for them to get away with some things. For example, a person could use a photo from 15 years ago as his profile picture and you wouldn’t know until you met them. People can also dupe others by lying about their age, profession, hobbies and what not.

When it comes to online dating, keeping your integrity is a must.

The Over-sharer

Another type of online daters that may come off as disagreeable to some are those over share everything. They tell you everything, from their morning routine to how many times they’ve been divorced. Sharing some important details about yourself is okay but overwhelming your potential match with an overload of information about yourself is not.

The Misogynist/Misandrist

These people hold a negative attitude towards the opposite gender. They will use their online profile to crib about people of the opposite sex. Guys might say something like, “most women are manipulative and I’m looking for someone who’s not,” and women might say, “I believe there no nice guys left anymore…”

Such bitter people are in a very negative headspace and should be avoided when dating online.

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The Casanova

Some people like playing the field and they’re more interested in casual dating, but they’re often not upfront with their potential matches about this. This results in them breaking the other’s heart because their partner was looking for a serious relationship while they just wanted a one-night stand.

Avoid such kind of online daters by having an honest conversation about your expectations from the relationship right from the start.

The good news? Popular online dating sites such as MatchTubeX have a wide variety of people you can choose from. With so many options available you’re sure to find your perfect match online in no time.