Up Your Dating Game With Fantastic Conversation Starters

Imagine this: You’ve just settled down across the table, in front of an attractive date. You’ve moved passed the niceties and small talk. You started out with a few questions about their day, their job, and the weather, before an awkward silence prevails.

Now, you’re both just staring into space or looking away trying to cook up things to say.

Sounds really uncomfortable, doesn’t it?

Not only are boring conversations and awkward silences embarrassing, they are also a surefire way of not getting asked out on a second date.

To have a fun time anywhere, it is essential to be comfortable, let the conversation flow and really connect with your date.

Here are some brilliant conversation starters to keep you two talking for hours on end.

Do you enjoy your work? While every other person may ask someone about where they work, it takes a thoughtful individual to ask a question like that. Not only will this make your date open up about their current work life, it will also give you a chance to understand their values and ambitions in life.

What’s your dream holiday? This question will help you dig deeper in to the person’s interests. It’s can also serve as an eye-opener, especially in instances where their dream vacation is a resort in Maldives and yours is a camp in the woods.

What book or movie do you know by heart? As Nick Hornby wrote in High Fidelity: “What really matters is what you like, not what you are like.”

This question lets you delve deeper in to the kind of stuff your date likes reading and watching. You may both find some great mutual interests to talk over or discover new movies and books to give a try together.

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What the bravest thing you’ve ever done? Asking this question is a non-intimidating way to let your date talk about their life and experiences. Even the most confident of us tend to get nervous during a date, so letting them talk about something ballsy they’ve done can give them a chance to let their personality shine. It’s also a great chance for you to get to know them better.

We hope these ideas will prevent awkward silences from creeping in on your next meeting and help you strike a connection with your date.

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Got any more tried and tested ideas? Let us know!