4 Great Date Ideas for When You Meet Your Online Date Face to Face!

couple holding hands

So your online match and you have set up a date, now you just have to pick a place to meet. Meeting your online match face-to-face for the first time can be both, a scary and exciting prospect. You want the date to go as smoothly as possible and have fun as well.

First dates have a lot riding on them; the possibility of the date turning into a disaster is what makes first dates so nerve-wracking. It could either be the start of something new or the last date with that person.

This is why, instead of doing the usual going-to-the bar or a restaurant date, you can instead try these 4 great date ideas to ease the nerves of a first date. Not only will you have fun, you and your partner will end up making great memories!

1. Go Hiking

beautiful scene

For people who are more outdoorsy and naturally-inclined, going for a hike amidst the great outdoors is a perfect first date idea. This is a fun way of bonding as compared to talking over drinks. You both can admire the beauty of nature together.

Although, check with your partner first if they’re open to the idea of physical exertion.

2. Head to a Theme Park

Amusement parks shouldn’t only be limited to kids’ birthday parties; they can actually make for a really fun and interesting first date. You and your date can hop on rides and bring out your inner kids. It will be a date you won’t forget.

Plus, who doesn’t like cotton candy?

couple in theme park

3. Go to the Beach

couple on beach

Planning an evening out on a quiet beach can be a great first date idea. Take a romantic stroll with your partner while the cool breeze ruffles your hair and the cold seawater laps at your feet. Talk and get to know each other, and then end the evening perfectly with a candle light dinner on the beach.

4. Plan a Picnic

couple on picnic

Picnics are a nice change from a restaurant and are much more personal and intimate. Not only are picnics highly romantic, they’re also very easy to orchestrate. Take a blanket, some chairs, and bring along some snacks and beverages for a perfect first day out with your date.

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