5 Tips for Meeting Your Online Date in Person

couple having coffee

So, you’ve been talking to your online match for a while now, you both have exchanged plenty of flirtatious messages, gotten to know each other a bit, and now want to take the next big step: a date.

Going from virtual to reality can get a little daunting for some; questions like ‘what if they don’t like me/what if I don’t like them?’ may start haunting your mind. Online dating makes it easier for people to talk but taking the interaction from online to offline may pose the risk of it becoming awkward or stilted.

But, going on a face-to-face date with your online match doesn’t have to be complicated. With the help of these few tips, you’ll have a great time with your online date.

1. Prepare Questions Beforehand

Think up of a list of few questions you might want to ask your date. It is better to go with creative questions in order to keep the conversation lively. Although questions like ‘what’s your favorite color?’ or ‘what are your life goals?’ are fun, something more original such as, ‘what’s your favorite college memory?’ might get them talking more.

2. Actively Participate

Everyone wants to know that they are being listened to so make it a point to remember things your date is telling you. Show you are listening by actively participating in the conversation; comment on or ask questions on whatever they’re sharing with you.

But don’t turn it into an interrogation. Let them share details at their own pace.

meeting with date

3. Talk About Yourself

A conversation goes both ways so your date shouldn’t be doing all the talking. Share stories and information about yourself as well. Your date wants to know as much about you as you want to know about them. Be prepared to share about your own self as well.

However, don’t talk only about yourself as that may come across as obnoxious. Try to maintain a balance.

4. Accept Silent Pauses

There may come a time when both you and your date have seemingly talked about everything and the conversation comes to a pause. Instead of making the silence awkward or uncomfortable, know that quiet moments are also good. They don’t have to be stressful and you don’t have to force yourself to keep the conversation going.

Take the quiet moments to take a break and reflect on what you both are talking about. The conversation should flow naturally.

5. Be Yourself

As hackneyed as it may sound, being your own self is the best way to go. Don’t put on a persona just to try to impress the other person. They want to know the real ‘you’ so be just that.

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