4 Things Not to Do On An Online Dating Site

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Online dating is fast becoming ubiquitous in the modern world. People find their perfect matches online with the help of online dating websites and go on to live happy lives together. But as with traditional dating, some etiquettes and rules, which a lot of people forget, apply to online dating as well.
With so many potential matches available at your fingertips, online dating can get overwhelming for some, which is why, some online daters may trip up and make some common dating mistakes.

If you’re new to navigating the unchartered waters of online dating, here are some things which you should avoid doing on an online dating site.

1. Use False Profile Photos

Your profile picture is often the first thing potential partners see when they click on your name. It gives them a first impression of you and what kind of a person you’d be like. So it is natural to want to put up the best possible picture of yourself.

But, some might take this a bit too far and upload pictures that aren’t theirs, group pictures, or photos that are blurred or doctored. People on dating websites want to see an honest representation of you so upload pictures that show you at your best natural self.

2. Lie About Yourself

Another mistake that some online daters make is that they tend to lie about or embellish their personal information in order to appear intriguing to a potential match. You should always answer questions about yourself honestly and not pretend to be someone you’re not.

A person should like you for your own personality, not a persona; so, be yourself.

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3. Send Boring or Inappropriate Messages

You’ve finally clicked with someone on a dating site and now it’s time to get to know each other better. If you find someone attractive and want them to like you, don’t send boring or creepy messages that might turn them off.

“Hey” or “what’s up?” are boring conversation starters that show you’re not putting in much effort. But writing a 5-paragrapgh introduction about your own self isn’t the best way to go either.

Ideally, bring up something you noticed in your potential match’s profile and start the conversation with that. Or start by talking about your common interests.

4. Be Too Picky

Online dating offers you a world of possibilities and a diverse number of people to select your partners from. If you start being too nitpicky and reject people for irrational reasons, that’s not going to do you any good.

Not contacting someone just because they like country music while you prefer hip hop is not a valid reason. You won’t always find someone 100% exactly the same as you’re looking for so, don’t be overly selective.

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