4 Signs that Your Long Distance Relationship Isn’t Working Anymore

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Long distance relationships usually get a lot of bad rap. Some people tend to equate the geographical distance with emotional distance. While some of are the view that absence makes the heart grow fonder. It is generally agreed upon that a long-distance relationship requires grater time and effort to make things work. When you’re not seeing each other every day, things can get tough.

Whatever the case may be and whether it’s long distance or not, sometimes relationships just fizzle out. So how do you know when it’s time to throw in the towel on your long-distance relationship and go your separate ways? We have compiled a list of indicators that will help you think things through.

Communication Is Dwindling

When you start getting dry responses and one-word conversation-enders from your long-distance partner, know that something is seriously wrong. The first and foremost thing in an LDR is communication. If that dries up, there is pretty much nothing else left.

You Both Fight All the Time

Petty fights becoming a norm are a major red flag. All couples argue one time or another, but arguing all the time, and that too on small things, is not okay.

What that does is seed resentment amongst you two and slowly, but surely, that seed grows into a whole tree of issues. So if you realize that all you guys do is fight instead of making each other feel loved, then it’s time you start reevaluating your LDR.

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Constant Doubting and Trust Issues

Trust is the key to a peaceful and long-lasting relationship. This holds true for long distance relationships more than any other else. When you’re not seeing your SO, you might start feeling insecure. You might often find yourself wondering about what they’re doing, who they’re meeting, and if, perhaps, they might be two-timing you. If your long-distance partner does nothing to quell these insecurities of yours then it’s time to take serious action.

You Just Don’t Make an Effort Anymore

Being in a relationship with someone you love is a special and heady feeling. It makes you want to do things you never imagined yourself doing. Grand gestures and small, meaningful things become a part of your routine. When you love someone, you make an effort to please them. If you find yourself just not caring anymore, it’s high time that you start rethinking your long-distance relationship.

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