Signs You Need To Expand Your Social Circle

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We are often so caught up with our own selves that we forget the basic need for socialization. It is human to crave companionship but in this busy day and age, we find ourselves without real friends.

Having a healthy social circle has various benefits; studies have proven that it can protect your health and even help smokers quit their bad habit. Alternately, studies have also shown that socially isolated people are twice more likely to die from heart conditions than people with a healthy social circle!

Unfortunately, though, we gradually lose friends as we grow old and there comes a time when we’re left with none. A social survey has alarmingly shown that the number of Americans who say they have zero friends has tripled in recent decades.

We have compiled a list of signs to help you figure out whether you need to expand your social circle or not.

You Find Yourself Feeling Lonely Very Often

If you often catch yourself thinking ‘I wish I had someone fun to hang out with,’ you need a bigger circle of friends. Loneliness can get soul-crushing and it’s better to have someone to share your problems, and your happiness, with.

You Don’t Go Out a Lot

When you’re with a group of friends, it’s natural to hang out together and go visit different places. If you’re holed up inside your house all the time, rarely ever venturing out, it’s time to dust off those cobwebs and find people to have fun with.


You Feel Depressed Very Often

Psychologists have observed that loneliness and isolation can lead to a life of depression and sadness.

Being part of a group of friends gives you a sense of purpose. You have someone to share your life with; someone to laugh with, someone to cry with. Your social circle will give you a platform to vent out all your emotions and achieve catharsis. If not, you’ll keep all those feelings bottled up inside you and who knows, the bottle might just explode someday. If you feel as if you don’t have anyone to talk to or to confide in, you should take it as a sign to start expanding your social circle right away.

People usually rely on social media and other such forums nowadays to meet new friends online. So if you’re an introvert, and shy, this is a good way of expanding your social circle. You don’t have to worry as you can make use of popular online dating sites, such as MatchTubeX to help you find new people.