5 Signs They’re Not Into You

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You did everything right. You were sweet and witty; you made cute jokes and even complimented them on their taste of music. So why is it that all your efforts weren’t reciprocated?

Often in relationships, we don’t even recognize that we’re dating a disinterested partner until it’s too late. Then, we realize that the relationship wasn’t one to be had at all.

Here, we mention five of the most common signs that your supposed partner isn’t interested in you.

1. They Don’t Ask about Your Life or You

When you like someone, you just can’t get enough. You want to know anything and everything about them. That’s how you build a great connection in a relationship. Now, if your partner is slow in opening up to you, or asking you questions, it could be that they have a shy personality. But if they never ask about your health, your life, your hobbies or your family, they’re not at all interested.

2. They Tell You Nothing about Their Life

When a person wants the bare minimum from you, they’ll offer the bare minimum. You’ll only get the basics: where they went to school, how they got into their line of work, etc.

If someone is into you, they will reveal details about themselves and open up, even if they do so reluctantly. They won’t necessarily show you all the skeletons in their closet, but the information they provide will be real and personal.

3. Waits too Long between Communication

It’s okay to wait a few days when you’ve just gone on a first date. But when it takes them days to call or text after the second, third or fifth dates, it means they’re still not sure about you. They may just call you because there’s no other dating opportunity on the horizon, and this sort of attitude is just wrong.

If a person is interested, they will keep you in the loop. They may even send you a text to say hi or show you something silly. But they’ll keep in touch with you.

4. They Have a Million Excuses as to Why They Didn’t Call

Their cat ran away, they’re stressed out at work, they’re busy – someone who’s not interested in you will have a million reasons, ready to serve. If someone is interested in you, they will know how to take 30 seconds out of their day to send you a quick text. Or even send you a text at night if they’re really so busy at work. Using the same excuses so early in a relationship is a clear sign you’re not worth it to them.

5. Their Behavior is generally negative

coupleLearn your body language cues. Not engaging in conversation, not smiling when talking to you, staying distant from you, not participating in conversation, there are pretty clear signs that they’re not interested. But another clear sign is their behavior when they’re around others with you. If the person is interested, they will stay close, even if they’re not focused on you at the moment.

They’ll flirt and talk and will always present you in a good light. If they do not respect you in front of other people, they aren’t serious about their relationship.

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