Attract The Right Kind Of Attention With The Perfect Online Dating Profile

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Online dating is all about having fun. However, it may at times get taxing for the uninitiated. Most of the time, the problem lies with our approach. If you are constantly being matched to the wrong people, it could be due to the information that your online profile contains.

It’s time to mix things up and create a fabulous online dating profile that shows off your best qualities and attracts the right kind of crowd.

Attention-Worthy Username

Tons of people out there have their initials followed by a few random numbers as their username. However, since your photo and username are the first things prospective dates see about you, you better make it good.

Spend some time coming up with a fun and flirty username to instantly catch attention.

The Photo

Since this is online dating, people’s first impression of you is usually formed by your photos. When talking a photo for your dating profile, keep in mind who you’re trying to attract. According to dating experts, while women tend to be interested by a combination of the photos and profile summary, men tend to focus on the photos alone.

Selfies are so last season. Go for lifestyle shots. Make them fun, casual and classy and make sure they reflect who you are and what you like to do.

Avoid Clichés

The typical ‘I like to read and travel’ has been done to death. Give the mundane self-descriptions a rest and brainstorm ideas on how to present yourself in the most interesting way possible.

You don’t have to be a sky-diving enthusiast to come across as interesting. Focus on what makes you unique; describe your passions and personal aspirations, etc. Dedicate two short paragraphs to describing yourself and one to describing the kind of person you’re looking for.

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People often tend to take themselves too seriously. This often reflects in their dating profiles as well. To attract great people, try to keep your profile light, funny and casual.

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