Making it Work – A Man’s Guide to a Long-Distance Relationship

You will never say ‘my girlfriend lives 14 hours away, it’s great!’ because it’s not.

Chat windows and Skype calls replace the simple delight of having coffee and watching her go on about her day, pushing that strand behind her ear and touching her blushing cheek to feel the warmth.

The most important thing is, to realize that you’re not the only one feeling like this. She misses you just as much, and her days are just as tough. Both of you need to add to the relationship and contribute daily to your relationship to keep your spark alive.

Something to look forward to

Always have something for the two of you to be excited about. It doesn’t have to be specific and doesn’t even have to have a time limit. Plan a trip or go to your favorite sports even together!

couple holding hands

Be excited about this time. Make plans, plans surprises for her and let her know how much you’re looking forward to it. Sometimes, the right words can make women feel more loved than anything else.

Enjoy your time alone

Couples underestimate the importance of this. When you’re a guy in a long-distance relationship, all those hours alone can seem lonely instead of liberating.

Learn to enjoy this space; go to that baseball match with your boys; take classes and meet new people.

This is not only going to make you a better person but also give your partner space and make them feel less guilty, if they are at work or unable to give you time.

Make time for her

Relationships aren’t just commitments and happiness. What you invest in your relationship is what it will give back to you. The key is to make her feel important. Write her a letter; leave a picture of you two on her Facebook wall; or simple surprise her with a video call.


cup of coffee

This is possibly the most misunderstood advice of all time. This is not the ability to talk for hours.

Communication means two people being able to discuss things with a shared understanding.

Give your girl time to explain things and take interest in her life. A little bit of time with some undivided attention every day can make her day.

Another important part is to be able to move on from arguments. With long distance, it is hard to make it up to someone.

Learning how to cheer her up over the phone can make a real difference. The best tip is to switch to video call from a phone call if you feel the beginnings of an argument. Don’t ever argue over text; the lack of tone can make things worse.

Celebrate each other

His or her birthday doesn’t have to be the same old Skype call.

Their graduation doesn’t have to be some sharing of news before you both go to bed.

Celebrate the moments together. If you can’t catch flights to her, then mail some balloons. Cut a cake together on Skype.

Make her a personalized corner mark if she’s a reader, or simply get her something she can wear to her graduation!

Being there doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. On Valentine’s Day, you can plan a candle lit Skype dinner where you both dress up and spend quality time together. If you think about it, the possibilities are endless!

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