The First Conflict – How to Move on After Your First Fight

lovely couple

In a perfect world, there would be no arguments and differences. But that is not it. It doesn’t take long for a misunderstanding to occur when real life intervenes into your honeymoon period.

If you hugged it out and moved past the actual fight, the aftermath can be a tough time. Here are our best tips to move past it:

Learn to ‘Agree to Disagree’

Not every argument has a resolution. Some things are just supposed to be moved on from. Holding onto the argument will only weigh you down. Forgive and forget so that this little argument does not affect the future. If you can’t agree, then just move forward and above it.

Take time to cool-off

If one of the people decides to not participate, a big fight can be avoided. Taking time to cool-off can help evaluate your priorities and meet in the middle. The alone time can help both of you process your feelings and come up with a solution or simply forgive and move on.

Be careful to draw the line between space and avoidance. Stonewalling your partner shows blame. If they are willing to make it up to you, take a step forward too.

A loving touch

Sometimes even something as simple as a hug can make things better. A gentle touch to the arm or reaching for their hand while arguing can soften the fight. If your partner is the type to resist touch during arguments, then this approach won’t help.

Apologize the right way

Avoid passive-aggressive apologies at all costs. Don’t say things like “I’m sorry you felt that way” or “I am sorry but…”.

The only thing to explain is your understanding and how you’re willing to take responsibility for your behavior.

Avoid saying sorry simply to end the discussion. Your partner can tell from your tone and it might put the argument to rest but it won’t help dissipate the feelings of resentment.

Think about your partner

When you’re in an argument, try to empathize with your partner’s instead of setting camp opposite. Think of how they might be feeling; a small argument should not make you care less about their emotions.

Remember, it is the two of you against the problem. Understand that their behavior may be due to yours and understanding their reaction is key to solving this issue.

Your priorities (your relationship, in this case), cannot take a backseat during an argument.

Don’t cross a line

Some things just add fuel to the fire. Taking a minute to think before you speak can save you from causing long term hurt. Don’t bring up that last fight or their faults. This is indicative of bigger issues between you two instead of solving the problem.

Another thing to steer clear of is ultimatums. Don’t threaten a break-up over a minor issue. Your love is not based on agreement so it can’t just disappear during an argument.

Peace Offerings

Everyone loves gifts. Get her flowers she loves or wake him up with breakfast in bed. Peace offerings say ‘we are bigger than this fight’ like nothing else does.

heart with hand

The opposite part will definitely appreciate it and it can dissipate the leftover tension from such an experience.

Remember the Past

Keep in mind all the happiness this person has brought into your life.

One little fight can’t change that. Don’t begin to doubt the future simply because of the fight today or the one week ago.

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