The Introvert’s Guide to Online Dating

Generally speaking, people associate introverts with shyness. What people don’t understand that there’s more to introverts than just their love for books and solitude. Introverts (just like extroverts) need social interaction to survive because socialization is a basic, human need.

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That being said, introverts generally find it very difficult to socialize which makes dating a major inconvenience. Most introverts think of dating as “putting yourself out there” and are thus reluctant to meet new people. Luckily, they don’t have to step outside their rooms as online dating allows them to meet new people from the comfort of their house!

The major problem introverts have with online dating is that they don’t where to begin. This is why we’ve compiled a short guide that they can follow to bring their dating game up to scratch. Presenting, the Introvert’s Guide to Online Dating:

1. Be Honest:

While honesty is always the best policy, we feel that introverts need to follow this rule more than anyone else. Be honest with your date about what you want from a relationship and what sort of partner you’re looking for and, more importantly, be honest with yourself!

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2. Look for Signs of Introversion:

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and that could not be truer for online dating. Simply speaking, you can easily use dating profile pictures to look for signs of introversion.

For example, look at where the profile picture was taken. Is the person in the picture front and center in a party or are they comfortably seated in a library? Are they with their friends or they alone? These things can easily help you identify other introverts and make it much easier for you to make new friends online.

3. Don’t Commit Too Soon:

The problem with introversion is that it comes with no off switch. Generally speaking, introverts can go on for days without talking to someone, but once they like someone, they’ll be fully invested in their lives. This can range from periodic text messages to long, meaningful emails.

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with that, it’s important to not over-commit at the beginning of a relationship. Try to pace yourself and be on a couple of dates before you start writing long emails to your new companion!

4. Try Compatibility-Based Websites:

If you’re struggling to find another introvert to hang out with or be romantically involved with, you can try your luck with compatibility based websites. These dating platforms rely on complicated algorithms to match you up with people who share similar personality traits. Furthermore, given the fact that you can try them from the comfort of your own home, we believe they’re perfect for introverts!

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