Starting Over – Getting Rid of the Toxic People in Your Life

Nothing in life matters more than your mental health. Read that statement again, and let it resonate within you!

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Make no mistake about it, the company we keep has a major say on our mood and how we behave. There’s countless scientific research papers proving that emotions are contagious and that we should always choose our friends wisely.

That being said, it’s very easy to surround ourselves with toxic people. They appear as superficial charmers and can ease their way into any social circle of their liking. Once in, they make crude jokes or scathing remarks that can leave a person feeling worthless!

For the sake your emotional stability and your mental health, distance yourself from such individuals. Here’s how you can easily get rid of the toxic people in your life.

1. Identify the Problem:

The first step of solving a problem is admitting you have one. So, if you feel like someone has emotionally backed you into a corner, look inwards and identify the root cause. Perhaps it’s someone at work or an old friend who’s turned bitter over the years? Whoever the person may be, it’s important to understand the problem before even thinking of solving it.

It goes without saying that the relationship you have with someone will dictate your best course of action. For example, if the toxic person in your life is a family member like a parent or a sibling, total radio silence is not a practical solution and therefore you must look at other, more reasonable solutions.

2. Put Your Foot Down:

Once you’ve highlighted the problem, it’s time for you to address the issue head on. We understand that some people do all in their power to avoid confrontation as much as they can, but in this situation, there’s no other way. Vent your frustrations and let them know how they’ve affected you in the past.

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Now that you’ve made your feelings clear, establish and enforce boundaries. Distance yourself from toxic people and go out of way to ensure that you don’t meet them in future social events. Let your mind and your body heal and don’t put yourself in situations that drain your happiness.

It’s also important for you to not put your mental health second to anyone’s needs or wants. Toxic people have this uncanny ability of bending everyone to their will. Be on the lookout for that and prioritize yourself above all else!

3. Make New Friends:

Goodbyes can be extremely painful for people, which is why you should never go through this turbulent period alone. Try going to a local park or library and try making new friends. They can provide emotional stability and priceless companionship.

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